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    Using technology to keep people out of hospital

    Sonia Neary from Wellola discusses the appetite for technology for treating conditions, how to keep people out of hospital if possible, the current backlogs being seen by health services and diversity challenges in healthcare. Read more

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    How AI can be used for good

    In the first MedTalk Podcast of 2023, Ian Bolland is joined by Zillah Anderson from Faculty AI to discuss the use of data in healthcare, how AI can be used for good, the development of a COVID-19 NHS early warning system, and what 2023 has in store. Read more

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    Merry Christmas MedTalk

    Med-Tech Innovation News editor Ian Bolland is joined by debutants Olivia Friett, editor of Medical Plastics News, and European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer editor Rebekah Jordan to review 2022, comment on the newbies introduction to life sciences. Read more

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    Innovation to rebalance health inequalities for women

    At the Med-Tech Innovation Expo during the Med-Tech Innovation Conference, Joanne McGrath and Julia Eades from Roche along with GP Dr Anne Connolly to discuss research and ways to address inequalities when it comes to women's health. Read more

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    True biometric potential in life sciences

    Ian Bolland is joined by Alan Foreman, CEO of B-Secur, who explains how one project has evolved into a diagnostic tool that could have exciting implications for healthcare. Read more

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    Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2022: Advice for start-ups panel session

    Recorded at Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2022, Darren Clark from Medilink Midlands hosts a panel session offering advice and insights to start-ups trying to break into the medical technology market. Read more

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    World Mental Health Day: Technologies for treatment and pandemic after effects

    On World Mental Health Day, Ian Bolland is joined by by George Jones, director of mental health from Livi, to talk about the impact the pandemic has had collectively on mental health and access to technologies and services. Read more

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    Crystal Clear: Aiding self-care and life science innovators

    Ian Bolland is joined by Charlie Rapple, co-founder of Kudos, which tries to make research and information surrounding healthcare and other subjects as accessible and easy to understand as possible. Read more


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