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    A world without antibiotics - interview with Dr Henry Skinner

    Reece Armstrong speaks to Dr Henry Skinner, CEO of the AMR Action Fund - a collective venture set up in collaboration with the World Health Organisation to raise investment for pharma companies developing new antibiotics to combat AMR. Read more

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    The pivotal role of antibody testing with vaccines

    Ian Bolland is joined by Heather Read-Harper, a senior marketing manager at Beckman Coulter, to discuss COVID-19 antibody testing technology, testing capacity during the pandemic, and antibody testing during the vaccine roll-out. Read more

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    We're jabbing, I hope you like jabbing too

    Ian and Reece are back, though they might be tripping over and getting their words muddled up, they talk about COVID-19 vaccines. The duo touch upon vaccine approvals, the EU's stance on protectionism, and the safety of the AstraZeneca jab. Read more

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    A lasting change that's good for the heart

    Med-Tech Innovation News editor Ian Bolland speaks to Amy Lovegrove, director of UK clinical operations, and Tash Brown, marketing manager at iRhythm Technologies, to discuss its offering the in the field of stroke and cardiac care through Zio. Read more

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    The MedTalk Podcast - On report!

    Recorded before they got a chance to thank Matt Hancock, Ian and Reece are back to discuss more news related to the pandemic, as well as another potential re-organisation in the NHS, and investment in UK life sciences. Read more

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    Why medtech and pharma are a big deal

    Med-Tech Innovation News editor Ian Bolland is joined by Nooman Haque, the Managing Director of Life Sciences and Healthcare at Silicon Valley Bank’s UK branch, as they discuss the company’s healthcare investments and exits report. Read more

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    The Covid-19 vaccine landscape

    After a long hiatus, Med-Tech Innovation editor Ian Bolland and European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer editor Reece Armstrong sit down to discuss the Covid-19 vaccines landscape in the UK and beyond. Read more

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    World Mental Health Day - Sir Norman Lamb talks to the MedTalk Podcast

    For World Mental Health Day, Ian Bolland and Reece Armstrong speak to former health minister Sir Norman Lamb about his recent appointment to XenZone and the availability of mental health services in the UK. Read more


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