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Last month saw me issuing a stark warning that the NHS is in danger of embarking on its very own ‘Kodak moment’. more

21 Nov 2017 11:49 Features

The screening tool for cancer has been developed by researchers at the University of Washington. more

11 Oct 2017 14:54 News


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In January 2012, photography giant Kodak – once the unrivalled leader in that sector – filed for bankruptcy. more

10 Oct 2017 16:37 Features

Global healthcare company Bayer has selected four digital health start-ups from around the globe to help develop their ideas. more

10 Oct 2017 15:46 News

Warren Stacey of labelling specialist Prisym ID examines unique device identification implementation to date, and offers best practice guidance for compliance. more

5 Oct 2017 15:58 Features

NICE’s online tool helps product developers understand and generate the evidence needed to show that their products are clinically sound and cost-effective. Leeza Osipenko, NICE scientific advice writes. more

5 Oct 2017 15:03 Features

Brexit could result in uncertainty over key elements of the medical devices regulatory regime. Counsel Fabien Roy from legal expert Hogan Lovells examines the potential implications of Brexit for medical device companies. more

5 Oct 2017 12:25 Features

The British Standards Institution (BSI) tells Med-Tech Innovation why it developed Compliance Navigator – a workflow tool that takes the leg-work out of managing medical compliance. more

4 Oct 2017 13:57 Features

Industry 4.0 is synonymous with a vision of cutting-edge, futuristic manufacturing. Chris Evans, Mitsubishi Electric, reveals how create the smart factory and achieve Industry 4.0 goals. more

4 Oct 2017 12:09 Features

Dave Beeby, principal development engineer, additive manufacturing technology and concepts at Renishaw, discusses the considerations for additively manufactured implants. more

3 Oct 2017 15:20 News

3D Electronics Printing Arduino Circuit.jpg

Alex Valentine, Lori K. Sanders, and Jennifer Lewis / Wyss Institute at Harvard University

A new technique combines precision printing of stretchable conductive inks with pick-and-place manufacturing of electronic components to make flexible, wearable sensors. more

2 Oct 2017 15:35 Features

Our guide to the latest young up-starts in medtech more

2 Oct 2017 11:32 Features

Shimmer Sensing is a specialist in clinical-grade wearable sensing systems. Martina Donohue, marketing manager at Shimmer spoke to MTI’s Dave Gray about the rapidly evolving landscape. more

29 Sep 2017 14:13 Features

Vascular device developers must focus on delivery systems, mechanism of action or treatment, and surface technology. MTI spoke to Surmodics, a company which is determined to excel in all three areas. more

29 Sep 2017 11:50 Features

Here’s ten things you really need to know about the new European Medical Device Regulation. more

29 Sep 2017 10:19 News

Ronan Benson, senior industrial designer at Galway-based medical devices design and manufacturing group Synecco explains why you can’t afford to ignore integrated smart technologies. more

28 Sep 2017 16:09 Features

Behind every great medical device, there’s a great clinical trial. MTI editor Dave Gray spoke to Colette Donaghy, clinical operations manager, Venn Life Sciences, to find out what goes into making a device trial successful. more

28 Sep 2017 15:54 Features

Everybody knows 3D printing is big business in medtech – but do you know the full extent of the role it has to play? Ian Matthews, design engineering team manager, R&D at Owen Mumford explains. more

17 May 2017 08:40 News

How my son’s fight for sight inspired an engineering innovation with global impact - by Douglas Anderson, founder of Optos. more

15 May 2017 08:32 Features

What does digital health mean for revenue streams in the medical device market? Vince Schaller, director, health practice, at healthcare branding group SGK writes. more

12 May 2017 08:14 News