Experts from Germany, Canada and the UK have used metal 3D printing to help save a Canadian family’s dog. more

23 Nov 2017 09:56 News

Dave Beeby, principal development engineer, additive manufacturing technology and concepts at Renishaw, discusses the considerations for additively manufactured implants. more

3 Oct 2017 15:20 News

Renishaw’s neuromate stereotactic robot recently featured in an episode of the BBC drama Holby City. more

19 Sep 2017 12:25 News

Complex reconstructive surgery can significantly benefit from a digital workflow and pre-planning processes to help optimise operating theatre productivity with excellent surgical results. more

14 Jul 2017 11:01 News

The company is contributing to a new Canadian medical device centre. more

5 Jul 2017 14:33 News

Three surgeons showcased implant technology from engineering and healthtech company, Renishaw, during a masterclass at the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (BAOMS) conference this year. more

3 Jul 2017 11:13 News

Engineering and scientific technologies company, Renishaw, will be exhibiting at the Digital Symposium at Swansea University on 29 June as part of its event, “Digital Futures in Health and Wellbeing: can public services survive without them?”. more

27 Jun 2017 11:30 News